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Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any system problems caused by downloading or installing these application.
All of these application were safe and free to program viruses are the time we posted them.
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Movie Rip and Compression

click on the link below to start download
Make MKV v1.15.2

This software will RIP your DVDs and BlueRays and convert the format into a PLEX/PC friendly file type.

Handbreak vs 1.5.1

We use HB to compress the file image, so it takes less disc space. We recommend you use the presets, so the image quality is good.

MkvToolNix 32-bit 63.0.0

MKVToolnix is a freeware utility that allows you to create, alter, inspect, etc., video files with the MKV format.

FileBot v4.9.4

This program is not freeware. You need to buy a license ($6 or 7Bucks), it's worth it. It will rename all files for you.

Web Design

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Video Editing

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Devinci Resolve v40091676

Best and easiest video editing software on teh internet. It is updated all the time, but this will get you started.

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