Introducing Spartagus: Our Home PLEX Server

If you’re a movie lover or someone who values having a home entertainment setup, you know how important it is to have your favorite movies and shows readily available. But with so many streaming services and platforms out there, it can be a hassle to keep track of where your favorite titles are streaming. That’s where having a PLEX server comes in.

At our house, we wanted to create a media library that was easily accessible and customizable. We decided to build our own PLEX server, which we affectionately named Spartagus. With Spartagus, we have the freedom to curate our own personal collection of media and access it from any device, anywhere.

One of the biggest benefits of having Spartagus is the ability to digitize and save our family photos and home videos. Many people have stacks of old photo albums and VHS tapes collecting dust in their homes. But with Spartagus, we can digitize these precious memories and store them in one centralized location. This makes it easy to access and share them with family and friends, and also ensures that they are backed up and safe from damage or loss.

Another great advantage of having Spartagus is the ability to access our media library from any device, anywhere. This means we can watch our favorite movies and shows on our TV, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, whether we’re at home or on the go. All we need is an internet connection and the PLEX app installed on our device.

Overall, having Spartagus is a great investment for anyone who values having a home entertainment setup or wants to digitize and organize their personal media collection. With the convenience of accessing your media from any device, anywhere, and the ability to save and back up your family photos and videos, a PLEX server like Spartagus is truly an awesome addition to any home.

If you're interested in building your own PLEX server, you can find all the parts we used to create Spartagus below. Happy building!

YouTube Video: PLEX Home Media Server

If you have any size collect of home videos, DVD, or Blue Rays, you should think about build a PLEX home server. Our is called Spartacus. If you are interested please watch our video, and if you enjoy the content please consider visiting our YouTube channel and subscribing.

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